Nina and Mick Wedding Ceremony: Upper Reach Winery, Baskerville by Perth Marriage Celebrant

Wedding Ceremony, Upper Reach Winery, Perth Wedding Celebrant

Wedding of Nina and Mick at Upper reach winery in the Swan valley by brad who is a perth wedding celebrant

I have to say at the outset this was one of my favourite weddings of all time.

Why you ask?

Was it the beautiful venue of  Upper Reach Winery? The wonderful hospitality of Annalis and the Broad’s Cafe Staff? The wonderful music supplied by Kris Arnott? Rocky the horse bringing Nina down in the house and cart? The Butterflies released by the children at the end of the Wedding ceremony? Or my favourite the Chocolate Fountain for dessert?

All these helped made a fantastic wedding but the fact that Nina and Mick where one of the nicest and sincerest couples I have ever met made the big difference.

All the best Nina and Mick and I wish you the best life together.

Regards, Brad

Wedding Suppliers at Nina and Mick’s wedding:

Marriage Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Perth Marriage Celebrant.

Wedding CeremonyVenueUpper Reach Winery.

Wedding PhotographerLuke Carrangis

Wedding MusicKris Arnott.

Wedding Horse and CartHeritage Horse drawn Carriage Company.

Desserts: Chocolate Fountain Hire.

Upper Reach Winery, Wedding Ceremony

Nina and Mick

Upper Reach Winery,Wedding Ceremony

The Kiss

Upper REach Winery, Wedding Ceremony

Mick and the boys

Upper Reach Winery, Wedding Ceremony

Dad escorting Nina down the aisle

Upper Reach Winery, Wedding Ceremony

Upper Reach Winery

Brad Whitelock, Perth Marriage Celebrant

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