Ginta and Cord Wedding Ceremony: Kings Park, Perth by Western Australian Marriage Celebrant.


kings park, wedding ceremony

Ginta and Cord at Kings Park

It was a lovely day in Kings Park on Valentines Day when Cord was waiting at Rotunda 1 in in Kings Park.

He is such a friendly chap that the locals out for a day in the park where chatting to him as he waited for Ginta his beautiful bride.

Ginta and Cord then had a romantic Wedding Ceremony overlooking the Swan River.

Wedding Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Perth Marriage Celebrant.

Wedding Venue:  Rotunda 1, Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.

Wedding Photographer: Friends.

kings Park, Wedding Ceremony

With the Perth celebrant

kings Park, Wedding Ceremony

The Kiss...

kings Park, Wedding Ceremony

Exchanging Wedding Rings

kings Park, Wedding Ceremony

Ginta and Cord signing the documents

kings Park, Wedding Ceremony

Cord waiting for his bride...

kings Park, Wedding Ceremony

Ginta and Cord

Brad Whitelock, Perth Marriage Celebrant. kings Park, Wedding Ceremony 
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