Salt on the Beach Wedding of Chris and Teele in Fremantle


Teele and Chris had a fun, relaxed and sunny Wedding Ceremony at Port Beach in North Fremantle in front of their close family and friends.

Teele looked stunning in a vintage dress with her sister and friends as her bridesmaids and their 2 sons in the bridal party.

As their Wedding Celebrant they asked for a casual and fun wedding ceremony so it would be a memorable occasion for them and their family and friends.

Salt on the beach, fremantle beach wedding, perth beach wedding celebrant

The bridal party with Brad their celebrant (photo by Lighthouse by Cyrus)

They are promising to be true to each other, to respect each other and to grow together throughout the years ahead.”

The wedding was relaxed and happy as the happy couple said their vows to one another and exchanged wedding rings with the backdrop of the Beach.

“With this ring, I marry you today.

Take it and wear it as a pledge of my love.”

The sun was shining brightly so when the ceremony concluded and the guests adjorned to the Salt on the Beach Bar, Teele and Chris had some photos with Cyrus their photographer on Port Beach.

Salt on the beach, perth wedding celebrant, fremantle beach wedding, wedding ceremony

Port Beach Wedding outside Salt on the Beach (photo by Lighthouse by Cyurs)

Later they all enjoyed a wonderful Wedding Celebration on the Verandah at Salt on the Beach Restaurant.

Wedding Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Perth Beach Marriage Celebrant. Ph: 0431 974 608

Wedding Venue:  Salt on the Beach, Port Beach, North Fremantle.

Photographer: Lighthouse by Cyrus.

Salt on the Beach, Perth Beach Wedding Ceremony, Fremantle weddings

Chris and Teele (Photo by Lighthouse by Cyrus)


Salt on the beach, perth beach wedding celebrant, north fremantle weddings

Teele and Chris (Photo by Lighthouse by Cyrus)

Salt on the beach, perth wedding celebrant, perth beach wedding, north fremantle

Family and friends at Salt on the Beach






Salt on the beach, beach wedding ceremony, perth wedding celebrant

Chris and Teele exchanging Wedding Rings (photo by Lighthouse by Cyrus)

Brad Whitelock, Perth Beach Wedding Celebrant. Ph: 0431 974 608.

Thank you to Cyrus at Lighthouse for some of the beautiful beach photos.  Ph 0411 166 034

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