Perth Celebrants protecting their data at an AMC meeting

AMC, Australian Marriage CelebrantsLast night I attended a meeting in Perth for quite a few Perth Marriage Celebrants for the AMC (Australian Marriage Celebrants).  The guest speaker was Silvana Macri from Suredata services and she was happy to offer her knowledge to the Perth Wedding Celebrants on protecting your data.

Silvana has a background in IT and discussed internet security but mainly how to protect your data.

It would never happen to me:

The idea of what would happen to your data was put to the celebrants if their computer crashed, was stolen or damaged.

Statistics where discussed in that 93% of businesses that lose their data will eventually go out of business.  The seriousness of this fact really hit home with the celebrants.

Large percentages of businesses have had issues with losing data and they have found this detrimental to their business.

What should you secure:

Silvana believes you should secure:

  • ·         Ceremonies
  • ·         Emails
  • ·         Sales/leads
  • ·         Photos
  • ·         Certificates
  • ·         Marketing material
  • ·         Celebrant software such as celebrant assist.

How do you secure it:

There are 3 ways to secure your technological data.

  • ·         3 copies of all your important data:  computer, external drive and off site.
  • ·         2 different media types:  computer then external drives.
  • ·         1 copy off site or online:  Silvana recommends a product called “Mybook” ($299 at officeworks that holds about 2 tetrabites of data)

What is an On-line back-up?

  • ·         “The Cloud” is an on-line back up system.
  • ·         Your computer will automatically back up to cloud.
  • ·         The software is loaded onto your computer from “the cloud” and each day will back up the encrypted data up to “the cloud”.
  • ·         Silvana recommends Amazon web services as the largest and most regarded provider.
  • ·         “cloud” services are safe and affordable at $2.20 per month for 10 gig (14 000 files)

What is Suredata and what do they do?

Silvana discussed her business Suredata and some special offerings for all AMC celebrants.  For the month of February Suredata has a deal for $157 called the “web” deal which includes installation and back up services.  This can be offered nationally as there is remote access if needed.

Suredata can be contacted on 1300 958 905 or check out their website:

For more information on attending our quarterly meetings of the Australian Marriage Celebrants (AMC) please contact Brad Whitelock, Perth regional co-coordinator on 0431 974 608.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

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