Perth Marriage Celebrants meeting with Perth Births, deaths and Marriages representative

Last night there was a meeting of the Australian Marriage Celebrants in Perth with Gavin Cotterell from the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Perth.

It is vital for the Perth Wedding Celebrants to keep up to date with information coming out of the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages so a high level of service is being offered to marrying couples in Perth.

Some of the items discussed by Gavin:

  • For celebrants involved in anniversary’s such as 100year old bday parties, 50 yr old wedding anniversary’s you can go to for help and ideas.
  • If a couple have a wedding in an overseas country such as Indonesia (Bali) USA (las vegas) or Fiji and want to show proof of their marriage in Australia they need an apostille stamp from the respective countries.
  • Winning the booking: Gavin believes in first impressions. The couple will make up their mind in a moment.
  • For help with individual cases you can email the office of Perth BDM on
  • Brief history of the marriage act of 1961 and the appointment of civil celebrants since the 1970’s.


  • Information on NOIM goes to ABS so it is recommended to be as descriptive as possible.
  • Application forms for certificates through the BDM will now need to accompany 3 forms of ID and stricter identification conditions.

Transferring the NOIM:

  • If a couple want to transfer the NOIM to another celebrant the celebrant does not have to comply with this request if they are available on that day and time.  Under section 42 (6) it states a transfer is only required if the celebrant for whatever reason cannot perform the wedding.

Shortening of time:

  • Prescribed authority agreeing to the shortening of time will only agree under specific circumstances purported to under the guidelines.

Proof of Birth:

  • All couples attending to the Perth BDM must have a birth certificate.  If they cannot produce a Birth certificate they can use an overseas passport (if married overseas).  A stat dec can then be written if neither of these are produced but the couple must show proof of attempting to get the documents.

Proof of Divorce from overseas source:

  • If the celebrant is not convinced of the divorce it is within their right for the celebrant to ask the couple to attend to the consulate clarifying if the document can be accepted.

Official marriage certificate:

  • On receipt of an urgent fee and application form for the official marriage certificate, the couple may have to wait a 24 hour period.


For more information on joining Australian Marriage Celebrants please contact Perth Wedding Celebrant, Brad Whitelock on 0431 974 608 or


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