Special leap year wedding at the Wanneroo Botanical Gardens in Perth

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The Kiss at Wanneroo botanical gardens

Mari and Jim are from Scotland and where holidaying in Perth and decided to get married while they where here.

They chose the Wanneroo botanical gardens as it is such a beautiful place where the trees have been nurtured for some time:  this is how they see their relationship.

Exchanging rings, wanneroo botanical gardens, perth wedding celebrant, perth weddings

With this ring… I thee wed

Although heralding from a country steeped in tradition and Jim wearing a Kilt on the wedding day: this day of the 29th of February was chosen to combine both their uniqueness but suttle romantic side as a couple.

Although we only had a small group of guests it was such an intimate wedding ceremony with some special moments and a connection that could be felt by all of us attending.

“wear this ring as a pledge of my love,

And as a symbol of the life we will share together.”

After the ceremony Mari and Jim had some wonderful photos with Karen their photographer at the Gardens followed by a small wedding celebratation at a local restaurant.

Perth Wedding, Wanneroo botanical gardens, perth marriage celebrant, garden weddings

The bridal party

Wedding Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

Wedding Venue: Wannerroo Botanical Gardens, Perth.

Wedding Style:  Celtic.

Photographs: Karen from KM Photography

Wedding registry, wedding celebrant perth, wanneroo botanical gardens

Signing the documents

Brad Whitelock, Wedding Celebrant Perth.

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