Marriage Equality mention in your Perth Wedding Ceremony

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

Recognising Marriage Equality in a Marriage ceremony may be a nice way to support those loved ones who are in a same sex relationship.

In Australia, the marriage law allows marriage only between a man and a woman, so same sex couples do not have the same rights. If you want me to make mention of this, your Marriage Celebrant can draft a few words upon request to say at your wedding to show support to same sex couples.

Marriage Equality, Same Sex couples

Marriage Equality

Celebrant: Ladies and Gentlemen, our marrying couple today believe in marriage equality and hope in the near future the wording is varied to say “marriage is the union of two people”. ¬†They hope that one day this will change so that they’re friends will one day be able to have their own special day.

Times are changing and one day it may be possible that all in Australia will have access to Marriage Equality.

For more information on Marriage Equality you can Contact Australian Marriage Equality.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

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