Creating a perfect garden in your home for your Perth Wedding Ceremony

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Topiary display from Glorious Gardens

Getting married in Spring is always really popular in Perth as the weather warms up and we have longer days.

You may be considering getting married in your own or a friends garden so here are some pointers from  myself (and of course a guru in the garden, Elizabeth Swane) on how to get the best out of a garden wedding:

Firstly, Plan Ahead and Start early:

  • Improve your soil with lots of fertiliser, compost and mulch.
  • Establish your shrubs and hedges by giving them a trim and tidy up the lawn.
  • Watch out for the sun so you know what spots in the garden look the best.
  • Start looking around for where your power is, access and where the rain will leave puddles.

Carilley Estate, Living Roses

Living Roses display at Carilley Estate

Get a support team:

  • Invite your family and friends to help you and this will give your wedding a personal touch.
  • Your helpers can grow plants for you, store them in their garden.
  • They may be able to lend pots or even provide bouquets for table arrangements.


Add a personal touch to your bouquet:

  • Here is your chance to add special meaning to your bouquet.
  • You can select flowers that give a special touch, or just choose flowers that you love and give that “WOW” factor.
  • Some of my favourite touches for wow factor include the Albany Wooly bush, Banksias and Sunflowers.

Create a focal point:

  • South Perth, Scented Gardens, Perth wedding Celebrant

    Scented Gardens Wedding ceremony in South Perth

    Select a special spot that can be a focal point for the ceremony and day and focus your garden planning around this.

Use potted Colour:

  • Plants take a few weeks to establish so plant your potted colour a few weeks out.
  • Get your local nursery to order your favourite choice of plans leading up to the day you want to plant.

Trim and prune:

  • Dead head your roses and then about 6 weeks later you will have beautiful blooms of your favourite flowers.

Don’t buy, hire:

  • Glorious Gardens, perth wedding celebrant

    Garden Wedding with Glorious Gardens

    You can dress up your existing garden or create an instant garden by hiring pots, plants, arches, arbours, pillars and plinths.

  • Their are some fantastic companies such as Glorious gardens or Living roses that can  hire you plants such as Roses, Topiary’s, Hedges, Flower towers and much more.

Be Grand:

  • The experts at Living Roses are great at organising an avenue of roses that look amazing and gives a sense of grandeur as your bridal party walk down this special aisle.
  • Use Paper lanterns, tealight candles and outdoor candles that light up an outdoor scene and look fabulous.

Glorious gardens, Queens Gardens

Queens Gardens wedding with Topiary’s from Glorious Gardens

Fake it:

  • If your roses are not blooming on the day then wire some cut flowers, silk flowers or ribbons onto plants.
  • You can do the same with Topiary trees.

Grow your own, man:

  • Watch an episode of Better homes and gardens (or two) and get some gardening tips on how to grow your own.
  • Plant seedlings at regular intervals and have some formation to it.
  • Plant early as it takes 6-8 weeks for seedlings to flower.
  • Feed your plants and give lots of manure and mulch to help that a full display.
  • Prune and pick off faded, dead flowers:  more flowers will appear soon.
  • Carilley Estate, Living Roses,

    Carilley Estate wedding with Roses by Living Roses

    Prune hedges and trees a few weeks out before the wedding to give a neat and uniformed look.

  • Don’t forget to mow and tidy the garden a few days out from the wedding.

Blame it on the rain:

  • Heaven forbid it rains, but if it does, you might want to think about hiring flooring, fake grass, matting or even a marquee if the weather man is forecasting rain.


A garden wedding in a special place will be something you will truly treasure.

Glorious gardens, perth wedding celebrant

Topiary and Flowers

Start planning now and you will pull off an amazing Wedding in your own garden!

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant and amateur gardener….

Ph: 0431 974 608

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