“Viva le France” Wedding Ceremony at Hardey Park in Ascot overlooking the Swan River

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Qui donne la main de Marieke à Andrew?

The Swan River was the backdrop of Marieke and Andrew’s wedding at Hardey Park in Ascot, Perth.

Some of Marieke’s family had traveled all the way from France so we began the ceremony with a little bit of French culture and invited dad to give his daughter away:

“Bonjour et bienvenue,

Qui donne la main de Marieke à Andrew?”

Dad said yes as Marieke and Andrew where honoured that Marieke’s family could be there to witness them become husband and wife.

Ascot Quays, Hardey park, swan river

On the Swan River with their bridal party

Andrew and Marieke met in 2008 when they were both working as chefs. Marieke was the life of the party in the kitchen but  Andy was a bit quieter: but as they traveled on the same train each day they struck up a friendship.

Andrew realised very quickly that there was something very special about Marieke and began to pursue her with dozens of texts day and night… They learned to know each other, became friends and began dating later that year.

On Australia day a couple of months later, Andrew was the first to say “I love you” and they moved in together the following month and their love has been strong ever since.

Andrew and Marieke have found in each other qualities that they both love and admire.

Hardey Park, ascot quays, swan valley wedding celebrant

Andrew and Marieke

They feel each other is supportive, caring, loving and they have similar sense of humour.

Marieke particularly loves how Andrew is very tidy and gets excited about going out for a drink!

They knew they wanted to be together when Marieke had to go back home for 3 months.  Even though they skyped daily, the forced separation meant that they never wanted to be apart from each other and has brought us to their wedding day.

Their life together is full of fun and adventure and during their travels Marieke was able to witness Andrew see snow for the first time:  he was like a little kid.

Another occasion was when they moved into their new house their bed broke:  just from sitting on it….(Andrew’s fault…)

The proposal was August 2012 as Marieke and Andrew were in Margaret river, having a holiday together and enjoying each other’s company.

Hardey Park, Ascot, perth wedding celebrant

Giving Marieke to Andrew

They were down at the river and were looking out to the ocean.

Andrew was very nervous so Marieke was suspicious. He had gone to so much effort to organise this moment as he had already asked permission from Marieke’s parents (in French). As Andrew asked Marieke to marry him she burst into tears:  Andrew immediately thought she did not like the ring. This crying reaction is very common for Marieke to do, and Andrew does not deal very well with this. Marieke is working on it!

The spent a beautiful week-end together in Margaret river and they both believe they have been the happiest couple ever since and today they are becoming husband and wife on the banks of the Swan River in Perth.

Hardey park, Ascot, perth wedding celebrant

The Bridal party

After the ceremony they had some photos with the bridal party and joined their guests at the Ascot Quays for the wedding celebrations.

Wedding Ceremony written by Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

Wedding Ceremony Venue:  Hardey Park, Ascot.

Reception and Wedding Celebrations: Ascot Quays, Ascot.

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