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How to change your name after your Perth Wedding

It is the Monday after your wedding here in Perth, Western Australia and now you are wondering how you go about changing your name!

At your wedding, your Perth Marriage Celebrant would have presented to you a beautiful certificate which is termed the “Presentation Certificate”. It will look fantastic as a memento on the wall but you cannot use it for anything else such as proof of marriage.

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Registering your marriage

The Celebrant has 2 weeks (most will do within 2 days) to post the paperwork to the Perth office of Birth’s deaths and marriages (BDM) and they will register your marriage within about 5-10 working days (depends on Australia post delivery times and the workload of BDM).

In Australia, when you marry, a bride may choose to take her husbands name:  This is done as a matter of custom and not of law (ie you do not have to legally apply to change your name to your husbands name).

To change your name you will need to get the Official Marriage Certificate that is issued through the office of Births Deaths and Marriages in the state of your wedding. This Official Marriage Certificate is usually enough evidence to get your personal documents (such as passports, drivers license and bank accounts) changed to your married surname (your husbands last name).

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Will and Rachel

There are 3 ways you can apply for the certificate from BDM:

  1. Directly from the Perth BDM office located on St Georges Terrace.
  2. Go to a local Western Australian courthouse and apply(check with the courthouse first)
  3. Fill in the application form from BDM and send in with the various ID requirements (as per the application form) If you need more information on changing your name here is a link to the Perth office of BDM.

The fee at the moment (1st July 2016) is $48 and the current turnaround is around 5-10 working days for the certificate. However you can pay an priority service urgent fee of $34 and get it a bit quicker

Once you have your Official Marriage Certificate you can now go about changing your name to your husbands name on all your personal documents.

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Happily ever after

An easy and time efficient way is to purchase a Name Change kit for as low as $15. The current Name Change kits are downloadable, easy to use with checklists on what you need to do. You can have your name changed soon and not have to worry.

Congratulations on getting married: having a wonderful life together and I hope these simple steps will help in helping you start the process to change your name. All the best.

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