Caversham House Wedding Ceremony for Chantal and Andrew

It was a beautiful spring day at Caversham House and I was honoured to be invited to help Chantal and Andy celebrate their Wedding day as their Perth Marriage Celebrant.

Swan Valley, Caversham house, Perth Marriage Celebrant

Chantal and Andy (Photo by Ella Otranto Photography)

I loved working with them to make sure their wedding day was special and was truly touched when I received this fabulous thank you note:

Brad was so patient with all our questions and put us at ease with the planning from the day we met him.

He created a beautiful ceremony was always happy to add and change things and listened to our ideas.

Marriage Ceremony for Chantal and Andy in the Hidden Gardens of Caversham House, November 2016

Swan Valley, Caversham house

Caversham House Wedding (photo by Brad Whitelock, Perth Celebrant)

Marriage to Andy and Chantal means starting a new life together and being in a loving committed relationship. To them, marriage is working together as a team, giving 100% through the good and challenging times. 

Going to the same school, they didn’t meet until years later. Coming together at a party began with Chantal falling into Andy. Chantal first noticing Andy’s smile and Andy first noticing Chantal’s sexy outfit. You remember that soon you began falling completely head over heels for each other.

Marriage Celebrant, Caversham House, Swan Valley

Chantal and Andy at Caversham House (photo by Brad Whitelock Perth Celebrant)

Andy loves that Chantal is loving, caring and can get to his heart through his stomach without burning too much of her cooking.

Chantal loves Andy’s warped sense of humour as he keeps her on her toes and brings lots of laughter into their lives.

They look forward to a life of love with their small family but today at their wedding they are focusing on having lots of fun.

Marriage Celebrant, Perth Weddings, Caversham house

Family and friends in the hidden gardens of Caversham house (photo by Brad Whitelock, Marriage Celebrant)

Some of the wedding suppliers working today:

Marriage Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Swan Valley Wedding Celebrant.

Wedding photos:  Ella Otranto Photography

Wedding Venue:  Caversham house, Swan Valley.

Marriage Celebrant, Swan Valley, Caversham House, Sandie Bertrand Photography

Brad Whitelock, Swan Valley Marriage Celebrant (photo by Sandie Bertrand Photography)

Brad Whitelock is a Perth Wedding Celebrant specialising in Marriage ceremonies in the Swan Valley that are personal, fun and relaxed.
Contact Brad today on 0431 974 608 to schedule a meeting, and let him write a marriage ceremony that reflects you and your partner.


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