9 simple tips on writing your own Wedding Vows

Wanting to say some special words to your partner on your wedding day is a wonderful way to share how you truly feel about them.

However, putting those words down and writing those vows can be really daunting and can seem really difficult.

Well as an experienced Celebrant here in Perth, I don’t think it has to be that hard or stressful.

It is your day and you can do or say anything you want. So take a deep breath and follow some simple and easy steps and you will be ok.

Wedding vows, wedding ceremony, sandie Bertrand

Wedding Ceremony (photo by Sandie Bertrand Photography)

Check out examples.

There are lots of vows out there already, such as my blog I have written. Have a look at some of those and that will give you an idea on what you may want to say.

Think of an idea, format and maybe a tone.

How do you want your vows to come across: do you want them to be serious, funny, romantic or traditional… Talk to your partner and get an idea. You may want to have some of your vows the same and then say something individual to each other. There are no rules and you can have vows any way you want.

Think about your relationship together and make some notes.

Reflect on your relationship together and how you both feel about each other and why you want to be married.

Some questions you may want to ask yourselves:
Why did you decide to get married, What hard times have you had together and supported each other through? What are the challenges for the future? What makes your relationship strong? When and how did you realise you were in love, What do you love most about each other? What are some of their great qualities? How do they inspire you?

Promises are cool.

Promise in vows get a big tick from me… You can say things like: I promise to… or I pledge to.. or even, I will…. You can make them serious or funny as you like. (funny is always good though)

Write it all down:

Now you have some ideas about what you want to say, you can now write it down. Start the vows with saying how much you love them, then all the wonderful things you love about them, then your promises to them and finish with final promise or how you see your life together…

It is the size that matters…

Try not to make your vows too long. It is ok to keep your vows to a couple of minutes. If you feel you need longer that is ok but you don’t need to have really long vows to tell someone you love them. Short, interesting, funny and precise is perfect!

Practice and read a few times before the big day:

It is always good to practice your vows before your wedding. This will mean you are comfortable with your words, they will flow and you will sound engaging. On the day you will feel so much more comfortable and your wedding vows will roll out with ease.

Same, same, but different.

Writing different vows from each other will ensure originality at your wedding but some of the best vows I have heard is where the bride and groom have said some the same and then some different, then linking back to some the same. Totally all up to you.

Send to your celebrant before the wedding:

It is always best to give your vows to your celebrant at least a few days before your wedding, so they can look through for you and also have ready for you on the day. So if you are really nervous on the day and get tongue tied… the celebrant can help and prompt.

Levo Photography, Perth celebrant

Saying your vows. (photo by Bela at Levo Photography)

In conclusion, a wedding ceremony that is truly about you both will be a memorable experience.  Saying some personal vows to each other is going to help with this for you both.  So sit down and write some wonderful vows and have an amazing wedding ceremony….

A big thank you to my friends at Sandie Bertrand Photography, Chris at CK images, Bela from L’evo Photography and Piotrek Ziolkowski for the use of some of their wonderful photos.

Wedding Celebrant in Perth, Marriage celebrant Perth, Perth Weddings

Brad Whitelock, Marriage Celebrant (photo by Piotrek Ziolkowski)

Brad Whitelock is a Perth Wedding Celebrant specialising in Marriage ceremonies in Perth that are personal, fun, relaxed yet affordable (from around $400).

Contact Brad today on 0431 974 608 to schedule a meeting, and let him write a marriage ceremony that reflects you and your partner.

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