Wedding Ceremony, Carilley EstateIf you have been asked by the Department of Immigration to provide a letter from the Marriage Celebrant then I can help you. This letter is called a Fiance Visa Letter and can be written by the Celebrant as soon as you have lodged the Marriage via the NOIM form with the Celebrant.

The NOIM needs to be filled out and then your signatures need to be witnessed by an Authorized Person. As a Celebrant I am an authorised person and can do for you. The NOIM is then sent or given to the Celebrant. Once the Celebrant receives the NOIM (we use the term “lodged”); the Celebrant can then write the Fiance Visa letter for you. The NOIM is valid for 18 months from the day the Celebrant accepts the NOIM and the marriage cannot take place within a month of receiving the NOIM however.

If one of the parties is overseas it is still permissible for the celebrant to write the Fiance Visa letter if only one signature is on the NOIM. The Celebrant will probably ask for correspondence such as a letter or email from the other party giving some form of notice that they do want to be married. If your Fiance Visa is granted by the Department of Immigration you can then start to plan your wedding day. As a Celebrant I can perform you wedding at a park, beach, your home, my office or any private Venue.

If you need any further information on Fiance Visa Letters, NOIM forms or any other matter regarding being Married in Australia please don’t hesitate to contact me. My fees for accepting the NOIM and writing the fiance letter for you are $150 (overseas postage fees may apply) so please contact me and we can make a time to begin the process for you.

Download the NOIM form here and bring it to our meeting.

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