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Your Marriage Ceremony can be anything you want it to be.  The Ceremony can be as relaxed or formal as you wish and the Marriage Celebrant you choose to perform the Marriage for you, being a Civil Celebrant, Priest or Pastor will have lots of choices to guide you in choosing a Wedding Ceremony that you are happy with and also reflects you and your partner. 

This article will go through a brief summary of the parts of a typical marriage ceremony. 

Prelude to the arrival of the Bride:

All your guests are arriving and of course your Groom is there waiting for you at the top of the aisle with his groomsmen, guests are taking their positions and the music is playing to greet the guests. 

Walking down the aisle:

The bride is ready and now walks down the aisle being escorted by her father or the like behind her bridesmaids and flower girls to her song of choice.  Once the Bride arrives in front of her groom she stands with him and also her father to be given away: 


A brief welcome is given to the family and friends of the bride and groom. 

Giving Away:

This part can be as casual or formal as you like as the bride is handed to the groom by her father. 


 With the Bride and Groom facing out to your family and friends all the guests are formally welcomed with a brief introduction or even a personal introduction about the bride and groom written especially by the celebrant. 

Celebrant Authority: 

In this part if the Celebrant is a Civil Celebrant they have to say their Celebrant Authority, declaring the importance of Marriage in Australia. 

The Vows:

We are now into the special part of the Marriage Ceremony where you are both invited to face each other and hopefully hold hands and we begin the process of you making some promises to each other. 

  • The asking:  This is the first part where you can say “I do” to one another.
  • Compulsory vows:  If you are being married by an Authorized Civil Celebrant you will have to say some particular vows to one another.  The Celebrant will guide you in exactly what to say.
  • Personal vows/promises:  To make your ceremony special and personal you can say some vows that you have selected or written to one another.  Your celebrant will be able to help you write something to one another that you feel sums up your feelings for one another.
  • Ring Ceremony:  The rings are placed on each other’s hands as you say some more special words to one another.

Ritual inclusions:

There are many rituals you can include to make your Marriage Ceremony personal, different or special.  These include a Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Breaking of Glass (Jewish), Handfasting (Celtic), Ribbon tying (Buddhist) and many others. 

Readings and Poems

There are some beautiful prose, poems and readings that have been written by many talented authors, poets and lovers in our time.  During your Marriage Ceremony you can include some to reflect the feeling you are trying to portray of your love for one another. 


This summarises the beautiful words and moments that your family and friends have heard over the marriage ceremony and of course ends with the Bride and Groom kissing (twice hopefully). 

Signing of the Documents:

The bride and groom and your witnesses are invited to the Signing table (or alter if in a church) to have the documents signed. This is a great time for you photographer to take some fabulous photos. I also recommend some music played here to entertain the guests. 


After the signing has been completed you are presented to your guests and invited by the celebrant to walk back down the aisle as your bridal party and then family members follow to congratulate you.  This is a great moment to play that finale song you have been dreaming of hearing as you walk back down the aisle. 

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Brad Whitelock, Perth Marriage Celebrant

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