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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, I hope you are enjoying this part of your life where you decide to plan one of the best days you will remember with a person you truly love.  My wedding day was the best day of my life so my whole focus being a Marriage Celebrant is to make sure your Marriage Ceremony is as fun and memorable to you as my Wedding was to me. 

About 5 years ago I became a stay at home dad and was looking for a vocation and found myself performing Weddings as an Authorised Wedding Celebrant.  Almost 700 Weddings later I have become one of Perth’s best Celebrants offering a fun and friendly Wedding style combining my sense of humor, youth and experience with my experience and wisdom of performing so many beautiful and fun Wedding Ceremonies here in Perth and Western Australia.

From the moment you contact me I will endeavour to make the planning of your Wedding Ceremony as easy as possible.  From the very beginning in your planning stages you can look at my easy to use Website with lots of ideas and suggestions for Wedding Ceremony venues and helpful hints on what your Wedding Ceremony may look like. 

From the moment you contact me I will begin to design a Wedding Ceremony with you that you are proud to attend that reflects you and your partner.  From the many wedding Ceremonies I have performed as a Marriage Celebrant I have put together an extensive book of Ideas, Vows, Readings and Rituals that you can use to put together a ceremony you will love. I mustn’t forget I will also perform all my legal duties as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant under law such as lodge all paperwork and make sure your Wedding is registered within days of the Marriage Ceremony.

Your Marriage Ceremony can be as informal or formal as you like, traditional or modern, all with a lighthearted feel you and your partner with your family and friends will remember and talk about. You can have a look at one of the Wedding Ceremonies that I have performed.

On the wedding day I have a state of the art PA system with several microphones so you and guests will hear every word.  You are also welcome to play your wedding music through my PA system with its inbuilt CD, MP3 or flash drive capability.  I have a selection of tables that can be used for signing of documents with a beautiful table cloth.  I even provide paperweights so if there is a large wind on the beach, the ceremony does not end in tears…

I believe your wedding should have a certain relaxed feel about it so a few weeks before the wedding I will have a final meeting with you to finalise all paperwork but most importantly we will discuss all the small details that will make your Wedding Ceremony flow with grace and be flawless.  We can then have a run through so that you will be confident that your wedding ceremony will visually look good, have great content and words and be exactly how you envisage it. 

I wish you all the best with your wedding plans and if you want any more information on the planning of your wedding ceremony, don’t hesitate to call me, Brad Whitelock, Wedding Celebrant in Perth.

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