Perth Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM): How will it affect my Wedding Ceremony by Perth Marriage Celebrant

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Perth City Skyline

The last weekend in October is very popular for Weddings in Perth, Western Australia and this year the last weekend in October in Perth, the Windy City will host the CHOGM conference.

There will be disruption in the Perth CBD culminating in the Leaders meeting from the 28th to the 30th of October.

The Australian and WA state governments are endeavoring to minimise disruption so the October public holiday has been moved from Monday 3rd of October to Friday 28th of October.

Road closures will take effect in and around the city from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th of October. St Georges Terrace and Adelaide Terrace will be completely blocked to traffic during the 3 day period. There will be no street parking in the Terraces and some of the associated side streets. (see maps). Roads indicated on the maps will be closed off to all cars except local traffic.  Residents must present suitable ID and reason to be in the city. Areas from the Causeway upto Kings Park will basically be closed to traffic. Roads to and from the airports will NOT be closed however their may be traffic delays due to motorcades.

The city will NOT be locked down over the 3 day period and normal public holiday trading hours will be operational on the friday.  Large crowds are expected in the 3 days in the city.

How will CHOGM affect my Perth Wedding Ceremony?

Due to the road closures popular Wedding Ceremony venues such as Kings Park, Stirling Gardens and Council Gardens will not be operational as their will be no access. Apparently there will be 1 wedding in Kings Park as this was booked way before CHOGM was announced and it seemed unfair on the Marrying couple to move them, however it is unlikely there will be any other weddings in any of the venues affected by full road closures (and best to not book them here…)

If I have a Wedding Ceremony nearby in Harold Boas or Queens Gardens, how will my wedding by affected?

Harold Boas Gardens is not affected by the Road closures however their may be more traffic around the venue and parking may be difficult due to shoppers/visitors parking around the park and walking to the city.

Queens Gardens has 2 side streets on the Hay street end that are blocked but the actual Gardens is not blocked from visiting.  Their are a few weddings already booked for the Queens Gardens this weekend and they will surely go ahead.  Visitors trying to find parking may be best advised to sue the large car park that adjoins the Queens Gardens and the WACA.

Will my Wedding in the Swan Valley or around the airport be affected?

Probably not as their will be no road closures.  There might be some minor delays due to traffic if there is an important dignitary driving past in a motorcade coming from the airport into Perth for the conference.

Happy Wedding Plans!

So if you are making use of the long weekend in Perth to have your Wedding, it will be a great time of year to marry so just plan ahead and maybe not use too many facilities that may be in the city area.

For More information on the CHOGM conference and how it may affect you, please contact the CHOGM information desk.

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Heathcote Reserve overlooking the Swan River

Kings Park, Wedding Ceremony, Perth Marriage Celebrant, Perth Wedding Celebrant

Kings Park Wedding Ceremony overlooking the Swan River

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

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