Ensuring your Wedding Ceremony is Audible for all your Wedding guests by Perth Wedding Celebrant

PA system, Chiayo Focus 505, Queens Gardens, Perth Wedding Celebrant

Chiayo Focus 505

Recently I was setting up for a Wedding Ceremony at Heathcote Reserve in Applecross and as you may know it can be quite windy. Today was no exception with a large gale blowing from the Ocean up the Swan River.

As I was doing a sound check with my Public Address system a couple who where walking past with their dog came up to me and said although it was a lovely place for a Wedding Ceremony it was such as shame the bride and groom’s guests where going to be disappointed as they would not be able to hear the Wedding Ceremony.  I asked them why they would say this and they went on to tell me how their daughter was married in this same spot a few weeks ago and it was not as windy as today however no one could hear the Wedding Ceremony.

This situation is actually very common and totally avoidable by hiring a Marriage Celebrant who will take the time and effort to make sure they have the right equipment for any setting in Perth, particularly the windy conditions the state of Western Australia loves to entice us with. It is also part of their code of practice (5g) as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant in Australia for the ceremony to be audible and it is important for the Marriage Celebrant to keep this in mind.

The type of system a Marriage Celebrant should be owning and using are PA’s such as Mipro 505 or 707 and the equivalent competitor products and my favourite Chiayo focus 505.  I have recently upgraded from a Mipro 707 to the Chiayo focus 505 due to the focus being smaller and having better sound than the Mipro. However both brands of these PA systems are excellent and can do Wedding Ceremonies of over 200 people in any condition such as parks, gardens and especially beaches. The Marriage Celebrant that is experienced will also know where to position the PA system for optimum sound and also have a selection of microphones such as Madonna mic’s, handheld, etc… to suit the situation. Enzo Volpe from Kosmic Sound believes there are only a few systems with the capacity to deliver a great ceremony and always points the celebrants in this direction.





Ocean Reef Beach, Iluka, Perth Wedding Celebrant, PA system

Wedding for 100 guests on Ocean Reef Beach



Can the Celebrant play my songs for me as I walk down the aisle?

Most certainly: within the PA system the Marriage Celebrant should be able to play music via a CD player, flash drive/MP3 or externally plug in an ipod/MP3. I have seen many Marriage Celebrants using their PA system for the guests to hear but for the bride to walk down the aisle I have noticed a little ipod docking station pumping out very soft music that sounds like an old transistor radio:  something in this day and age can be avoided and addressed by an all in one system with music facility.

As your Wedding Ceremony is such an important event in your Wedding day it is vital the Marriage Celebrant will have a system that is audible and that your guests can hear to make it a memorable Marriage Ceremony.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

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