Weddings at The Chapel at Minnawarra Park in Armadale by Perth Wedding Celebrant

The Chapel, Minnawarra park, Armadale, Perth Wedding Celebrant, Wedding Ceremony

The Chapek at Minnawarra Park

The Chapel at Minnawarra Park is an amazing venue for in indoors Wedding.

Perth can be really hot in the summer and rains a lot in the winter so The Chapel is a perfect place to have your Wedding.

The Chapel was built in 1903 but was rebuilt in its current form brick by brick on its current site in 1988.

It is perfect to hold your Wedding here as it has seats for 60 guests.  There is parking available and the Minnawarra Park is a wonderful place to have your wedding photographs afterwards.

The Chapel at Minnawarra Park can be found at Orchard Avenue in Armadale and you can book The Chapel through the Armadale Council on 9399 0111.

Minnawarra Park, Wedding Ceremony, Armadale, Perth Wedding Celebrant

Minnawarra Park in Armadale

The Chapel, Minnawarra Park, Perth Wedding Celebrant, Armadale

Walking down the aisle in The Chapel

Minnawarra Park, The Chapel, Armadale, Perth Wedding Celebrant

The Chapel

Brad Whitelock, Wedding Celebrant Perth.

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