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An important role of a Marriage Celebrant is to mention to their marrying couples the importance of Marriage Education programs.

I therefore recently organised Carol Mulcahy from Relationships Australia to talk to a group of Marriage Celebrants about Marriage education and the importance for brides and grooms in the very beginning of their relationship.

The following is a few points spoken by Carol that I found quite important and relevant in this day and age:

Carol gave a brief overview of Relationships Australia having 10 branches in WA and 16 outreach centres.

The Bride thought he was a real catch...

Carol discussed the importance of Marriage education programs in the initial stages of the relationship as this will build a foundation for a successful married life together. Learning skills early on in the marriage (or before) will keep the relationship buoyant  when there are hardships or crisis.

Carol discussed the structure of the courses they offer and the various components:

  • Family of Origin.
  • Connection including Intimacy.
  • Communication.
  • Prepare/enrich.
  • Other factors such as commitment, personality, stress, family map.

Carol give us some statistics of the number of marriages and divorces in WA and highlighting there are half the amount of divorces as there are marriages.

Carol suggested there is good anecdotal data to suggest marriage education will give a longevity to married life but said there needs to be some good long-term studies on this.

A list of possible courses/costs where discussed by Carol but also other organisations such as MAREAA where suggested that where available for marriage education for marrying couples.

An education page on the Relationships Australia webpage was also discussed as a good resource for Marriage Celebrants so they where up to date with the courses to suggest for their couples.

For more information on Marriage Education Courses you can contact Relationships Australia or MARREAA.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.  Ph: 0431 974 608.

Brad is an experienced Perth Wedding Celebrant as well as a Marriage Celebrant Educator for Australian Celebrations Training.

Image used with permission from Absolute and Alive Photographers.

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