Marriage Equality in Australia for Same Sex couples by Perth Wedding Celebrant

same sex marriages, perth wedding celebrantAs a Perth Wedding Celebrant I am very fortunate to be involved in many wonderful Marriage Ceremonies. Recently, I performed a beautiful wedding for a lovely couple in Cottesloe that I enjoyed immensely as it reminded me of my own wedding.

However as I read the words ” marriage according to law is the union between man and a woman voluntary entered into…” I looked up and saw a same-sex couple who where guests of the bride and groom and at that time was deeply saddened.  Even though it is 2011 and we live in modern times same-sex couples are not afforded equal rights in regards to marriage as the rest of those that live in Australia. As I looked over to this deeply in love same sex couple I realised they are not afforded the same rights as the rest of us and therefore have no Marriage Equality.

At the moment a same sex couple may have a “Commitment Ceremony” but in this ceremony the officiant or celebrant is unable to use terms such as marriage, husband, wife, wedding, etc… This does not seem fair to a couple whose love for each other is no different than a couple in a heterosexual relationship.

There is a growing and convincing argument for same sex couples to have Marriage Equality in Australia.  AME (Australian Marriage Equality) are very articulate in the case for same sex couples being allowed to marry. Here are some of these reasons they include in an article on their website.

  1. Many same sex couples want to marry.
  2. Legal benefits come with marriage.
  3. Other benefits such as commitment, security of children and acceptance in the community.
  4. Same sex attracted Australians want to be treated equally.
  5. Discrimination in marriage fosters dicrimination in other areas.
  6. Discrimination in marriage has a negative impact in health and wellbeing.
  7. Benefits to the institution of marriage.
  8. Benefits for children.
  9. Enhancing religious freedom.
  10. Benefits to government and the economy.
  11. Their is growing support in Australia and around the world for marriage equality.
  12. civil unions are not enough.

There is a real and growing move in our cities such as Perth for Marriage Equality. Hopefully in the not so distant future same sex couples will be afforded the same rights as the rest of the population and be allowed to marry.

For more information on same sex marriages and Marriage Equality:

Australian Marriage Equality. (

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant. Ph: 0431 974 608

Brad is a Wedding Celebrant in Perth and also a Marriage Celebrant trainer for Australian Celebrations Training.

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