Mandurah Marriage Celebrant Training August 2011

Marriage Celebrants training, perth wedding celebrantEach year Marriage Celebrants need to complete 5 hours of compulsory training as part of their on going obligation to be a Civil Celebrant performing Weddings by Law in Australia.  The training is also know as OPD or Ongoing Professional Development.

Last week I traveled to Mandurah Quays Resort, south of Perth to run the OPD for the local Celebrants for Australian Celebrations Training .

Here is a summary of the topics that where covered over the 5 hours of training:

Compulsory Component:

  • Updating your status as a celebrant to the Attorney-General’s department in Canberra.
  • Celebrant Authority or Monitum.
  • Compulsory Vows

Celebrant Marketing:

  • How to market yourself as a celebrant.
  • Target marketing and your marketing mix you employ to target your couples.
  • Use of websites and social Media.
  • Networking and Bridal Expos.

Design and a Website:

  • Basics of Stragegy, development and design.
  • SEO and Serp’s.
  • Importance of Social media such as Facebook.

The feedback from the many Marriage Celebrants that attended was although it was a requirement to be there the information shared by Australian Celebrations Training was of very high value to their celebrant business.

I look forward to seeing many new Celebrant faces at the next Australian Celebrations Training sessions on the 12th of October in Bunbury (South/West WA) and then on the 30th of November in Crawley, Perth.  For more details you can contact Australian Celebrations Training on 07 3207 9515.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant. Ph:  0431 974 608

Brad is an experienced Perth Wedding Celebrant specialising in fun and friendly weddings and also is a Marriage Celebrant educator for Australian Celebrations Training.

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