Wildflower Pavilion for Weddings in Kings Park

Wildflower Pavilion, Kings park, Perth weddings, Kings Park wedding celebrant

Wildflower Pavilion Wedding, Kings park

The Wildflower Pavilion in Kings Park is ideal for your Wedding Ceremony. The pavilion was part of the original Botanic Garden office that was designed in the 1960’s and was relocated to its current spot by cranes over the trees quite recently. The structure has a unique design in that it is a hyperbolic paraboloid which means in wedding terms “big structure to hold lots of your guests especially if it rains”.  The pavilion has a backdrop of kings park and will look fantastic in your wedding photos.

Kings Park Wedding, Kings Park Wedding celebrant, wildflower pavilion

Signing the documents at the Wildflower pavilion

The Wildflower pavilion is quite spacious with easy access.  The ceiling is wood-paneled to great acoustics for the ceremony. It is very popular for Wedding ceremonies as it has a beautiful backdrop of the Kings Park gardens.  The location is quite central with the
Forrest and Frasers car parks quite nearby.  The pavilion can hold around 150 people and has some public toilets nearby.

The pavilion is spacious and easily accessible pavilion in an ideal location, featuring a charming wood-panelled ceiling and very effective acoustics.

Wildflower pavilion, kings park, kings park wedding celebrant, perth weddings

Wedding at the Wildflower pavilion in Kings Park

Surrounded by the beauty of the Botanic Gardens and close to the State War Memorial, this is a very popular venue for functions and gatherings.

For more information on your Wedding at the Wildflower Pavilion you can contact the Kings park booking officer on (618)9480 3624.

Brad Whitelock, Kings Park Wedding Celebrant. Ph:  0431 974 608

Brad is a experienced Perth Wedding Celebrant performing many weddings in Kings Park and its surrounds.

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