Perth Beach Wedding Celebrant reviewing some great beach wedding venues

Sorrento beach, hillarys, perth beach wedding celebrant

Sorrento Beach wedding

As a Perth Beach Wedding Celebrant I have been very fortunate to perform many beautiful weddings on one of Perth’s wonderful beaches.

One of the things that I have noticed though is that everyone is different so all the Beach weddings have been very unique and particular to that wedding couple.

Here are some of my top choices:

Sorrento Beach Foreshore Park, Hillarys

Situated right next door to Hillarys Boat harbour this park overlooks Sorrento Beach in Hillarys.

Burns Beach wedding, perth beach wedding celebrant

Burns Beach wedding

You can have the wedding ceremony on the grass and there is lots of parking, amenities close by, majestic stairs for a grand entrance and photos and the park has some undercover areas for just in case it rains.

You can find out more by contacting City of Joondalup Community facility booking office on (08) 9400 4268.

On the Beach, Burns Beach.

This is a small and intimate beach in the suberb of Burns Beach just north of Perth.  It has a long stairway going down the beach.

There are even some beautiful alcoves off the beach that are ideal for a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

You can find out more by contacting the Joondalup City council.

Port beach, fremantle, perth beach wedding celebrant, salt on the beach wedding

Port Beach Wedding in Fremantle

Port Beach, North Fremantle.

Port beach is a beautiful long beach just south of Cottesloe right in front of Salt on the Beach Restaurant.  This amazing beach has a wonderful view of the ocean. The beach itself is clear and flat and nearby there areo amenities, a few large car-parks and Salt on the Beach has a great bar with some great home-brewed beers.

You can book the beach through the City of Fremantle council on 9432 9702 or enquire about Salt on the beach on 9430 6866.

Iluka beach wedding, perth beach wedding celebrant, iluka wedding

Iluka Beach wedding

Iluka Beach, Iluka.

This beach is one of the gems of Perth.  It is situated north of Perth just off Shenton Road.

There are 2 entrances to the beach.  The Southern entrance you arrive via a  long stairway to the beach that gives the bride a fantastic entrance, otherwise you can use the northern end that has a boardwalk leading down to the beach.

Sunset weddings at this beach are very popular and Iluka Beach can be booked for your wedding through Joondalup City council.

Point walter reserve, swan river wedding, bicton, perth beach wedding celebrant

Point walter sand bar

Point Walter reserve, Bicton.

The Sandbar at Point Walter reserve is a wonderful spot for a wedding.  The beach has a backdrop of the Swan River and beautiful Mosman Park.

There is lots of parking, amenities and a cafe and the area has a real relaxed feel.

Your can find out more by contacting City of Melville Council on 9364 0666.

On the beach at City Beach.

Some of my favourite memories as a Perth Wedding Celebrant have been on City beach.  It is a beautiful beach that has lovely white sand, it is not so windy or rough and has a beautiful view of the ocean.

There is lots of parking even in the busy summer months, amenities and a few cafes and restaurants for refreshments.

cottesloe beach wedding, perth beach wedding celebrant, cottesloe weddings

Wedding on Cottesloe beach

For more information you can contact Cottesloe Council on 9285 5000.

On the beach at Cottesloe Beach.

Cottesloe beach is an amazing spot to hold a wedding particulary Perth’s famous sunset weddings.

It is a stunning looking beach with the Indiana’ Tea House, curvy beach and the groyne to give you a bit of protection from the southerly winds.  There is lots of parking, amenities and some great restaurants and cafe’s in the area.

Trigg island beach wedding, perth beach wedding celebrant, perth wedding celebrant

Trigg Island beach wedding

You can book the beach through Cottesloe Council on 9285 5000.

Trigg Island Beach, Trigg.

This is quite a relaxing and calm beach on most days as the rocks can shelter it from the winds making it quite comfortable for your wedding ceremony.

There is also lots of parking and amenities and some a great cafe nearby.

For more information you can contact the City of Stirling beach services on (08) 9205 1017.

Rottnest island, perth beach wedding celebrant, rottnest island wedding

Rottnest Island wedding

Rottnest Island Beaches.

Rottnest Island is an island off the coast of Perth that you must travel by boat to.  It is very secluded and includes some wonderful beaches such as The Basin and Geordie Bay for your wedding ceremony.

You can then stay on the island on some of the great accommodation available and make it a holiday.

For more information you can contact the Rottnest Island Authority.

South Beach Wedding, Fremantle, perth beach wedding celebrant.

South Beach Wedding

South Beach in South Fremantle.

At the northern end of this beach there is a small path that works it way to a small wooden (uncovered) pergola which is perfect for a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

The beach has lots of parking, amenities and a cafe at the other end of the beach.

You can book the beach through booking officer at Fremantle Council 08 9432 9702 or email

Cottesloe Arch Monument in Cottesloe.

cottesloe arch monument, cottesloe beach, perth wedding celebrant

Cottesloe Arch momument

Cottesloe Arch monument is situated south of Cottesloe beach and is a great option for weddings in Cottesloe overlooking the ocean and Rottnest Island.

The Arch Monument is a great structure with Mosaic Tiled floors, seating in stone around the sides with a great view of the sea. There is lots of parking, amenities and restaurants and cafes in the area.

For more information you can contact Cottelsoe Council on 9285 5000.

brad whitelock, perth wedding celebrant, perth beach wedding celebrant

Brad Whitelock, Perth Beach wedding celebrant

You can see another great article I have written on Perth Beach Weddings on the Perth Wedding Celebrants website.

For more information on your Beach Wedding Contact Brad Whitelock, Perth Beach Wedding Celebrant. Ph: 0431 974 608


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