Chuppah blessing in a Perth Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Chuppa Ceremony

The Chuppa

All types of religious symbols can be included in an Australian Civil Ceremony if this co-insides with the cultural and spiritual beliefs of one or both of the marrying couple.

If a bride and groom are being married under the Chuppah (pronounced c-Hoppa) which is Jewish Spiritual Canopy, I have written some words which you can use as a blessing:

“Family and friends, Bride and Groom have come here today to join their lives in the presence of you, their guest in order to create a framework for their future lives together, a framework based on the many traditions in their background and within which they will create a home.

A home in which they, their family and friends will find peace, happiness and tranquility. That home is here represented by the canopy or chuppah under which you stand.

The roof is there to protect you, but there are no walls to indicate that your home will always open to those who love you and are loved by you in return.

Bride and Groom are promising to be true to each other, to respect each other and to grow together throughout the years ahead.  They are joining their lives not only as husband and wife but as friends, lovers and confidants.

They will have each others’ shoulders to lean on, which will be the rock on which they can depend. In their hearts they are already committed to one another, but this ceremony gives formal recognition to that commitment.”

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

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