Sharing of wine from a Kiddish cup in a Perth Wedding Ceremony

Sharing the wine is a ritual that is quite common in many circles and religions. In the ceremony below the bride and groom where of Jewish faith but we added the sharing of wine in this Perth Civil Wedding Ceremony.  The son of the bride poured wine for the bride and groom into the Kiddish cup and said a small prayer as they both sipped from the cup.

I would like to invite __ (bride’s son) to say a blessing for bride and groom as they share wine from a kiddish cup.  Sharing wine is symbolic of the cup of life:

Groom and bride as you share this wine, you promise to share all that the future will bring.  All the sweetness the cup of life holds for you is sweeter because you drink it together; and whatever drops of bitterness it contains are less because they are shared.

(The bride and groom sip from the cup as the bride’s son chants a blessing in hebrew)

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