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Chuppa Wedding Canopy

For those with a background or understanding of the Jewish traditions you may want to include some Jewish rituals in your civil ceremony.  After the bride has joined the groom you can perform a Circle of Love ceremony.  This is a way the bride can display her love for the groom.  Below is a circle of Love ceremony I wrote as a Perth Marriage Celebrant for a Perth couple recently:

As we are standing under the Chuppah I would like our bride and groom to partake in a Circle of Love Ceremony.  Here the tradition is that the bride will walk around her groom  7 times, expressing her awesome love for him.

(Bride walks around groom as the Marriage Celebrant explains the significance of the Circle of Love)

 The history of the 7 seven circuits is reminiscent of the story in the bible of Joshua leading the Israelites into the Promised Land:

 When the Israelites came to Jericho it was heavily fortified with a big wall and no way in.  God commanded the Israelites to walk around the wall 7 times and the walls came tumbling down and they where able to conquer the city.

The Similarity is that a man also builds a wall to his heart.  Men are taught to hide their feelings and to show their hearts cannot be penetrated by love.  Men will hide any weaknesses or that they are a vulnerable and deep down a sensitive, simple and soft person.

But a smart woman can pierce this defensive wall. If she surrounds her man with the aura of her love, if she gives him affection, and if she makes him feel that he is the focal point of her life, then he can feel safe and comfortable.

When she has done this then the walls will come tumbling down and she has conquered him with her love. So in a nutshell, once you find a good man, encircle him with your love and he’ll be yours forever.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Marriage Celebrant. Ph:  0431 974 608

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