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Having a Naming Ceremony for your child can be an important ritual to mark the birth and introduction to the world.  Here is a Naming ceremony I have written for a Perth couple to celebrate the birth of their beautiful child.

Family and Friends, good morning and welcome to the naming ceremony of Mum and dad’s little girl __.  When a child comes into your life, she fills a special place inside your heart.

It is a place which grows day by day and is filled firstly with amazement, followed by love, pride, a sense of achievement, and a sense of awe at the responsibility that having a child entails.

Becoming a parent is both a wonderful and indescribable feeling.  Mum and dad have chosen to have a naming ceremony because they want the opportunity to express in their own way, the love and commitment that they have to their little girl.

Ritual and ceremony is important in our lives.  It serves as an acknowledgement of the significance of events and also as a marker between one stage of our lives and another.  What more notable event than the transition to parenthood?  An integral aspect of that ceremony is sharing it with others.

Your presence here today is important to mum and dad for they are able to share with you their joy, and formally introduce baby to the people who have been and will be important to her throughout her future life.


Mum and dad have undertaken to nurture this child, to love her, provide her with a safe and secure environment, with stimulation, and with guidance as she plots here own course through life.

__ is an individual, and as such her future life path will be uniquely hers.  Mum and dad will be there for her throughout, to love and support her, however and whenever she needs it.


A Reading:
We should not forget that as a lively and assertive young woman, this little girl may have some views of her own on her arrival in the world, not so long ago.  Perhaps if she could explain herself, this is what she might say.


Through baby’s eyes:


I didn’t expect a brass band,

With welcome mat unfurled,

To be on hand when I arrived,

In this confusing world.


Nor did I expect a doctor,

To hold me by the feet,

Then quickly turn me upside down,

And spank me on the seat.


At first I wasn’t quite prepared,

For this enormous place,

Nor for the funny characters,

That I would have to face.


But I soon learned to get my way,

By looking sweet and shy,

And when I wanted to be held,

To make a fuss and cry.


I’ve found it really doesn’t take,

Much difficulty or guile,

To wrap them round my finger,

All I need to do is smile.


Introducing the Godparents:

Children are a responsibility for us all, whether parents or not.  As the next generation, they inherit the consequences of our actions.  We are all under an obligation to provide safer streets, a cleaner environment, a stimulating education system, quality and timely health care, and of course plenty of parks in which to play.

This may mean comforting a child who is crying in the street, to being more proactive or vocal in the public arena.  The benefits are not confined to the young, as we all appreciate the results of such actions, particularly as we ourselves get older.

Godparents have a more direct role to play in the life of baby.  An important and traditional part of today’s ceremony is the commitment about to be made by the people chosen by Mum and dad to fulfill a special role for baby – to be her godparents.

Godparents you have been asked to accept the privilege of becoming a godparents to our little girl.  Mum and dad ask that you always welcome this child if she comes to you for company, advice or help and that you will listen to her and respect her confidences no matter how great or small.  They ask that you show this little girl understanding and love and let her know that she will always have a special place in your heart.

Godparents are you willing to accept this responsibility of being a godparent to this little girl.

Godparents:  We are.

Candle lighting Ceremony:

We now come to a special ritual within the ceremony, which demonstrates and strengthens the bonds between the parents and child.

Mum and dad could you hand your little girl to one of the Godparends and light the taper candles. Then when you are ready can you light the large candle.

The light and warmth form this candle is symbolic of the warmth of your love for your child, and the growing bond between you both and your little girl.  Each year at this time, you can relight these same candles, and as the years pass, and the candles become shorter, the love that is expressed in the candlelight about you now will become stronger.  May the coming years bless your family with good health, with happiness, and with an appreciation always of your good fortune in each other.

What name do you give to this your child?

Parents:  __ __ __.

We now bestow upon you the name of __ . __ we welcome you, and hope that you will wear your name with pride, joy and strength.  May you bring joy to your parents, your godparents, and to all of us, your family and friends.  My you join us in striving to make this world a better place.

You may now blow out the candles.

Final Words:

Family and friends, this Name giving Ceremony will no way inhibit the little girl from seeking her own truths in life.  Everyone here is invited and encouraged to present to baby as she grows up, a broad and balanced view of life, and despite religious and cultural differences, to embrace the common virtues of integrity, honesty, fairness and concern and love towards all people.


Second Reading:
On a lighter note, mum and dad are discovering, and those of you who have their own will know, that daughters are endearing yet challenging creatures and we should never take them for granted.

The following poem captures this complexity.

A tribute to all daughters. By Helen Steiner Rice


Every home should have a daughter

for there’s nothing like a girl,

To keep the world around her

in one continuous whirl…


From the moment she arrives on earth,

And on through womanhood,

A daughter is a female

Who is seldom understood….


One minute she is laughing

The next she starts to cry,

Man just cant understand her

And there’s just no use to try…


She is soft and sweet and cuddly

But she’s also wise and smart,

She’s an ondrous combination

Of a mind and brains and heart…



And even in her baby days

She’s just a born coquette,

And anything she really wants

She manages to get…


For even at a tender age

She uses all here whiles,

And she can melt the hardest heart

With the sunshine of her smiles.


Conclusion to the Name giving:

This ceremony today has been meant to strengthen the affection and friendship we all have for each other, but especially the relationship now established by little baby with us.  May we all benefit from our involvement with this child and with each other.

We will conclude this ceremony by signing of the certificates.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Naming Celebrant. Ph: 0431 974 608

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