Belvoir Homestead Wedding of Vanessa and Peter in Perth

Belvoir Homestead, Upper Swan Valley, Swan Valley Wedding Celebrant

A great looking Bridal party (and me). Photos by Absolute and Alive Photography

Peter and Vanessa met at High School and where friends before they fell in love. Today they where becoming husband and wife in front of their family and friends who had seen them get to know and then love each other.

Brett, Neil and Stephen where waiting at the bottom of the stairs to escort the bridesmaids to their places. Vanessa looked calm yet radient as she followed down the aisle her Bridesmaids:  sister Chantel, good friend Mary and Cousin Michelle.  We all held our breaths as Vanessa was escorted down the red carpet by her father Stephen to her awaiting groom in the beautiful Loton Gardens at Belvoir Homestead.

Belvoir Homestead, Swan Valley Wedding, Swan Valley Wedding celebrant

Signing the documents

Vanessa and Peter began their Wedding Ceremony with a Dove Release as a thank you and also rememberence for their guests who where unable to attend.  They released 2 beautiful doves for their family and friends attending their wedding today.

Two doves meeting in the sky
Two loves hand in hand, eye to eye
Two parts of a loving whole
Two hearts and a single soul

They both had sat down and written some special vows to each other. Today they proclaimed their love with these special vows:  As Belvoir was having a concert that night in the Belvoir Amphitheatre there was a “Reggae” backdrop during his vows.  He did well to sway to the beat as he was making his vows and then we made a joke about it…

After the wedding ceremony Vanessa, Peter and their stunning bridal part had some photos while their guests enjoyed the hospitality of the Belvoir Homestead.

Belvoir Homestead, Swan Valley wedding ceremony, perth wedding celebrant

Walking down the Aisle

The bridal party then joined the guests later in the afternoon for the Wedding Celebration.

Wedding Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Swan Valley Wedding Celebrant.

Wedding Venue:  Belvoir Homestead, Swan Valley.

Wedding Photographer:  Piotr from Absolute and Alive Photography.

Dove Release:  Doves of Love.


Belvoir Homestead, swan valley wedding celebrant, perth weddings

Waiting for the bridesmaids


Belvoir Homestead, perth wedding celebrant, swan valley weddings

Peter and Vanessa

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

Ph: 0431 974 608

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