Sunset Wedding at Mosmans Restaurant in Perth

James Burton Photography, Mosmans Restaurant, perth wedding celebrant, mosman park

James Burton Photography capturing Nicky and Brian with a surprise guest “The Rainbow”

Brian and Nicky had planned for their wedding to be in the park next to Mosmans Restaurant followed by a reception for about 24 of their friends and family at Mosmans Restaurant.

As the weather was looking ominous the Mosmans staff graciously set the restaurant up for the wedding:  With the sun setting over Perth, Mosman’s it looked amazing with the big glass doors opened for a backdrop of the Swan River.

Nicky was escorted down the aisle by her two daughters Cassie and Sophie to some classical music.

It was a beautiful ceremony with the backdrop of a rainbow over the Swan River.  It was fitting that Brian had written a poem for Nicky for their wedding and there was not a dry eye in the restaurant as Brian read it for her:

Mosmans Restaurant, perth wedding celebrant, perth weddings, swan river

Brian reading his poem to Nicky

As the scent of the gardenia envelopes me

And we stand side by side

I try to think of reasons I should not marry you

And I know with all my heart, that you are the one

And that there are none.

After the ceremony Brian and Nicky had some photos with James Burton their photographer and then joined their guests for a wonderful wedding celebration by Mosmans Restaurant.

Wedding Venue:  Mosmans Restaurant, Mosman Park,

Wedding Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

Mosmans restaurant, perth wedding celebrants

Mosman the bear having too much champagne…

Bridal Flowers: Sweet Floral Flowers.

Photographer:  James Burton Photography.

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