Sunset Wedding overlooking the Swan River by Kings Park Wedding Celebrant

Kings Park Botanic Gardens, Kings Park Wedding Celebrant, Frasers Restaurant, Rotunda 2

Beauty at Kings Park (Photo by James Burton Photography)

Martin and Stephanie invited a small contingent of their family and friends to join them at their beautiful wedding ceremony at Rotunda 2 in Kings Park.

The sun was setting, the Perth skyline looked amazing as Stephanie and Martin said some beautiful vows to each other with the Swan River right behind them.

After the Ceremony, they joined James Burton their photographer for some wonderful photos in some picturesque places in Kings Park as their guests made their way to Frasers Restaurant for the reception.

Marriage Officiant:  Brad Whitelock, Kings Park Wedding Celebrant.

Photos: James Burton Photography.

Music:  Cath the Violinist from Le Trios Amies.

Wedding Reception:  Frasers Restaurant, Kings Park.

Thank you James Burton for the use of your stunning photos.


Kings Park Wedding Celebrant, Rotunda 2, Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, James Burton Photography

Stephanie arriving (Photo courtesy of James Burton Photography)


James Burton Photography, Perth Weddings, Kings Park Wedding Celebrant, Rotunda 2, Kings park and gardens

Kings park at night (photo by James Burton Photography)

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

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