Happy Valentine’s Day Perth

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Valentine’s Day 2014 at Hillarys beach

I would like to wish all those that I have had the pleasure to perform a wedding for, or will be marrying soon or maybe in the future a happy Valentine’s Day.

Today is a day the word “Love” will dominate most conversations and be of interest to most.

This morning I had the pleasure of performing a wedding on Hillarys beach in Perth. The lovely couple just had a small and intimate wedding ceremony with their family and a close friend before they went for a special lunch. Later in the afternoon they are whisking away to Bali for their honeymoon!! Now that is what I call a Valentine’s day present.

While we where waiting for the bride and groom to arrive this morning a young lady was being proposed to by her boyfriend:  he had enlisted the help of a plane to fly past with a sign that said “I love you.  Will you???” By the shrieks we heard, I think she said yes.

Later in the day I attended another wedding with an Indian theme for Tina and Naman in Kings Park overlooking the Swan River. Ten Eyewitness news where nearby and wanted to capture the wedding for their Valentine’s day article: have a look….Eyewitness News Valentine’s Day Article. 

Valentines day can mean many things for you. It can be a reminder of the love you have with someone that you have been married to for over 10 years (yes I mean my wife….)

However some people don’t have a special person in their life. If you don’t there are many things you can do such as hang out with friends, call loved ones or even go home and hug your cat or dog. Either way, today is a day you can share your love with those you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

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