Releasing Butterflies in your Perth Wedding Ceremony

James Burton Photography, Mulberry on swan, perth wedding celebrant

Releasing Butterflies at Mulberry on Swan (photo courtesy of James Burton photography)

Releasing butterflies is a popular new tradition that leaves a visual and lasting memory for all! It is a great way to include your family and friends.

The butterfly symbolises new beginnings, good fortune and joy so is perfect to release a few butterflies at your wedding ceremony that will be remembered by all.

An Ancient Custom:

Releasing butterflies is also steeped in ancient custom and goes back to the American Indians….

The Indians believed if you wanted to a wish to come try you would first have to capture a butterfly and whisper a wish to it.

Butterfly release, Carilley estate, swan valley

Butterfly Release at Carrilley Estate (Photo courtesy of Rob Dose)

As the butterfly cannot make a sound, except to the great spirit, once the butterfly is released, your wishes would be granted by the great spirit.

Prestige Flowers:

The leader in Butterfly release in Perth is Prestige flowers as all my couples rave about the quality and service this company provides.

They believe the best butterfly that can be released at a wedding is the Monarch Butterfly and the butterflies they supply can be seen in all the photos accompanying this article.

Prestige will supply butterflies to people’s individual requirements:

Adele Miles Photography, Rose and crown hotel, swan valley

Butterfly release at the Rose and Crown (Photo courtesy of Adele Miles Photography)

Depending on how many guests you have is how many they suggest, however clients are welcome to custom make up their own package.

Therefore you can have your package tailored for a mass release or individual releases.

Some Popular Butterfly Packages offered by Prestige flowers and some possible prices:

  • Bride and Groom Release in a decorative origami envelope (2 Butterflies $36.00).
  • 5 Butterflies in a hired release cage ($75)
  • 10 Butterflies in a hired release cage ($160) cage.
  • 20 Butterflies in a hired Release cage ($300)

There may be an additional cost if delivery is required.

Trigg Island, Perth Wedding Celebrant, Butterfly release

Butterfly release at Trigg Island

At your wedding, celebrate Love in a very special way with the release of butterflies.

For more information on releasing Butterflies at your Perth Wedding Ceremony, contact Prestige Flowers on 0424 138 102.

A big thank you to James Burton, Stellar Visions and Adele Miles for their wonderful wedding photos!

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant and Butterfly lover…


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