Fremantle Wedding Ceremony at the Kidogo Arthouse

The Easter Long weekend was the backdrop for Steph and Simon’s wedding.  The heavens decided to open up that weekend so the ceremony was moved inside to the historic Kidogo Arthouse, perfectly styled by Lisa Bisson, at Bathers Beach in Fremantle.

The rain could not put a dampener on their day as marriage, to them, is about 2 best friends who want to share each and every moment with one another, partaking in a journey together and showing the world your love and commitment to one another in front of your family and friends.

James Simmons, Perth Wedding Celebrant, Perth Weddings, Bathers beach, Kidogo Arthouse

Steph and Simon (Photo by James Simmons)

Steph and Simon met at the workplace and they both where on the nightshift. One day Simon walked past the briefing room and this beautiful girl sitting on the coach and had to find out who the little Italian looking girl was. Simon first noticed Steph’s cute, big eyes and her attractive and outgoing personality. Steph first noticed Simon’s joy for life and how he was good friends with everyone.

They became friends but a few months later Steph invited Simon along to a Coldplay concert: they had such a great time, singing and dancing the night away and they both realised they had met someone truly special.  It was fitting at the end of the Ceremony they both walked out to “Every tear drop is a waterfall” by Coldplay.

Steph loves that Simon is a night owl, a foodie and master chef but most importantly her everything. She loves that Simon always knows what she is thinking and can read her like a book. She loves how he can tell a story with his passion and dramatic approach and is fine that he can extend the truth to make the story sound better….

Simon loves that Steph is caring yet creative, super organised yet stubborn. He loves that she encourages him to step out of his comfort zone and try different things. He loves that she is always thinking of others and trying to please everyone.

Kidogo Arthouse, Bathers beach, Fremantle, Perth Weddings

Steph and Simon at the Kidogo Athouse (photo by James Simmons)

Simon proposed in Kings Park with a picnic, bunch of flowers, an anniversary card which said “will you marry me” and of course the most perfect ring for Stephanie.

What will marriage now look like for these two? Much the same really but with lots of travel and exploring, laughter, creating a life together and when they find it, to live in their dream home.

Just after the ceremony, there was a break in the weather as the guests could congratulate the newly married couple. They followed this with photos with the expert that is James Simmons as the guests made their way just a few metres next door to Bathers Beach House for the reception.


Wedding Ceremony, Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle

The Bridal Party (Photo by James Simmons)

Wedding Ceremony:  Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle.

Wedding Celebrant: Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

Wedding Reception:  Bathers Beach House, Fremantle.

Photographer:  James Simmons.

Wedding Stylist:  Loved by Lisa Wedding and Event Planning.

Wedding Celebrant, Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle

Steph and Simon with Brad the Celebrant

Brad Whitelock has performed about 2000 wedding ceremonies in Perth: All of them fun, relaxed and individual. Call now on 0431 974 608 for more info on how Brad can make your day memorable.



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