Sunny Winter Wedding at the Old Tea Pavilion in Kings Park

It was a warm and sunny June Long weekend in Perth and Natalie and Jon had family and friends fly over from Sydney and the eastern states to join them and their Perth crew to witness them become husband and wife.

Natalie and Jon could be affectionately described as a “crazy couple” and their funny wedding definitely reflected this.

Natalie and Jon see their marriage as a commitment between two people who love, care, support and encourage each other from the days of their marriage.

It also means not being the odd one out on the Medicare card anymore, and having found the one person who loves you for all your craziness and being with the person you can spend the rest of your life being weird with. Jon jokingly says it is serving a life sentence being chained to your wife but that is fine as he loves this crazy girl very much.

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The crazy bridal party in Kings Park

When Jon and Natalie first met, they where soon spending lots of time together. There where road trips in which Jon was thinking he could get used to Natalie’s craziness. Jon remembers the love he felt for Natalie when she came over with Soup and looked after him when he had a serious dose of Manflu….

Jon loves that Natalie is loving and funny, but crazy and stubborn.  He loves that she is a great cook, not scared to jump on the back of a motorcycle. However the best thing he loves about Natalie is that she is beautiful.

Natalie loves that Jon is caring and artistic and the most dedicated person she knows. She loves that every day he tries to accomplish what men have been trying to perfect since the beginning of time:  to listen to a woman and understand her…

Natalie and Jon look forward to growing old and saggy together even know Natalie thinks Jon will always look decades younger than her…

Old Tea Pavilion, Kings Park, kings park wedding, Perth wedding celebrant

Old Tea Pavilion, Kings Park

Once the ceremony had ended we had some wonderful photos with them on the kings park lawn overlooking the Swan River and Perth city skyline (and only a few cars on Frasers Ave) and then they all made their way excitedly for some great Belgium beers at the Belgium Beer Cafe.

Wedding Ceremony:  Old Tea Pavilion, Kings Park, Perth.

Marriage Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Wedding Celebrant in Perth.

Wedding Reception:  Belgium Beer Cafe, Perth.

Brad Whitelock is one of Perth’s most experienced Marriage Celebrants. Performing over 2000 individual and fun weddings since 2006 he prides  himself in sitting down with all of his couples and finding out what is important to them on their wedding day.

James Burton Photography, Perth Wedding Celebrant, Perth Weddings

Brad Whitelock, Wedding Celebrant in Perth (photo by James Burton Photography)

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