Bridal entrance for Hidden garden steps at Caversham house in the Swan Valley

Caversham House is definitely one of Perth’s best wedding Ceremony venues as they have  the most magnificent ceremony you can imagine:  the Hidden Gardens.

The Hidden Gardens is an amazing structure that has been built into the side of the hill that holds Caversham house on the banks of and overlooking the Swan River.

Caversham house, perth weddings, perth wedding celebrant

Caversham House Wedding Ceremony

The team at Caversham house are experts at helping you have a wonderful wedding ceremony, so why not utilise the steps for an amazing entrance for the bride and bridesmaids.

I love the entrance at Caversham house so always encourage the groomsmen to be involved and escort the bridesmaids to their positions on the steps.

Caversham house, perth celebrant, hidden gardens

Hidden Gardens wedding ceremony at Caversham House

Check out this video on Youtube for a great bridal entrance at Caversham house and here are some simple steps to utilise this spectacular wedding venue:

  • Have all your guests seated and waiting for the bride and bridesmaids to arrive and of course all phones/cameras are away.
  • Put your groomsmen in reverse order, waiting at the bottom of the steps for the song to be played by the Caversham house staff and their respective bridesmaids partners to arrive.
  • As each bridesmaid walks down the aisle (one at a time, don’t rush now) they can be met at the bottom of the stairs and be gentlemanly escorted to their positions by the groomsmen.
  • Once the bridesmaids and groomsmen are in position, the groom will be waiting at the bottom of the stairs for the bride to be escorted down the aisle and given away by the father of the bride.
    • You may even want a separate song for the bride so her entrance is extra special and memorable.
  • Another way of utilising the steps is to have the bridesmaids walk along from the top and then escorted down the stairs by the groomsmen: I have suggested and seen this before and it looks as spectacular as an entrance up the stairs…
James Burton Photography, Perth Wedding Celebrant, Perth Weddings

Brad Whitelock, Wedding Celebrant in Perth (photo by James Burton Photography)

Some of the above tips will help make your Caversham house ceremony spectacular and if you are looking for a fun and relaxed Perth Wedding Celebrant to help make your wedding Ceremony at Caversham house memorable, contact Brad today for a chat to discuss how he can help make this happen.

Brad Whitelock is Wedding Celebrant in Perth since 2006 performing thousands of ceremonies from a lavish Caversham house Wedding ceremony, chilled beach wedding to a simple registry style weddings. Contact Brad today on 0431 974 608 for an obligation free chat.

For more of Brad’s work, check him out on Youtube.


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