4 steps on how to get married in Australia by Perth Wedding Celebrant

Think getting married in Australia is complicated? Well it is actually not, so I am going to simply run through some simple steps to help make the process easy for you.

Mulberry on swan, perth wedding, australian wedding

Wedding at Mulberry on Swan in Perth (Photo by Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant)

Step 1:  complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form.

This form is also know as the NOIM.  This document needs to be filled out and your signatures witnessed by an “authorised person” and then given to the Celebrant at least a month before and up to 18 months. A Celebrant is an authorised person but if you cannot get a meeting with your celebrant there are others on the list such as JP, Dr, Police officer and many more. The NOIM can be emailed to the Celebrant and if your partner is not around, it is ok for the celebrant to accept if only one person has signed the NOIM.

Paul Winzar Photography, perth weddings

Bridal Dance (photo by Paul Winzar Photography)

Step 2: Provide to Celebrant your proof of Birth and end of previous marriages:

You need to show your id to the celebrant to prove your proof of Birth.  Originals need to be shown and Passports are ok and so is a Birth Certificate. If you only have a birth certificate then you also need to show some photo id such as drivers licence or proof of age card.  If you have been married before you need to show proof that the marriage has ended such as Divorce Certificates. These can be shown anytime leading up to the wedding so don’t worry if you don’t have ready when you hand over the NOIM.

Fineline Photography, perth celebrant

Bridal party by (Photo by Fineline Photography)

Step 3:  Signing the Declaration of “No legal Impediment to marry”:

This is a form the Celebrant will write up for you that says your name, occupation and where you live and that you declare that you believe that you are of marriageable age and that there is no legal impediment to your marriage. The Celebrant will write this up for you and get you sign any time but usually leading up to the wedding date.

Swan Valley Wedding (Photo by Fineline Photography)

Swan Valley Wedding (Photo by Fineline Photography)

Step 4:  The Wedding day:  have your Wedding Ceremony.

At the wedding  the celebrant will have a “wedding ceremony” with you that is witnesses by a minimum of 2 people. The Celebrant will say their celebrant Authority, you will say your vows to your partner and then you, your partner, your 2 witnesses and the celebrant will sign the marriage documents.  You sign 3 documents:  One marriage certificate that will be sent to the registering authority, the second marriage certificate will be kept by the celebrant (just in case the 1st one goes missing) and a third certificate will be given to the couple. this is also know as the Presentation certificate. (read this blog on more info on this)

Paul Winzar, perth wedding photographer, perth weddings

The Kiss (Photo by Paul Winzar Photography)

Step 5:  Your marriage will be registered.

Straight after the wedding the Celebrant will send in the documents to the registering authority. The Celebrant has 2 weeks (most will do within 2 days) to post the paperwork to the office of Birth’s deaths and marriages (BDM) of the state in which the marriage took place. Here in Perth, the BDM will generally register your marriage within about 5-10 working days (depends on Australia post delivery times and the workload of BDM). If you want to have proof of your marriage, you will need to apply from the BDM office for your certificate. In Perth, the cost is $48. If you want it quicker than 5-10 days you will have to pay BDM an urgent fee (in Perth it is $34) and also arrange with your celebrant for it to be sent in/couriered in.

City beach wedding, wedding ceremony

Riana and Leon on City Beach in Perth

Planning to be married in Perth? If so contact Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant who can help you plan a small registry style Wedding Ceremony or something more elaborate at a premium venue such as Sandalford Winery. Check out some of Brad’s work on Youtube.

Thank you to Paul Winzar Photography, CK Images and Fineline Photography for the use of your wonderful photos.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant, Ph:  0431 974 608

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