Watermans Bay Beach Wedding on New Years Day for Laura and Matt

Coming from England to Perth they could not wait for a beach wedding but wanted to include their family and friends in their wonderful day but the thousands of km’s was going to be an issue.

Wedding Video productions, Watermans Bay, Perth Beach wedding

Lauren and Matt (photo by Wedding Video Productions)

Luckily modern technology was on their side so they used Chris and Val from Wedding Video Productions to do a live feed from Watermans Bay Beach in Perth to the UK for them.

Laura and Matt came together for their Perth Wedding, on new years day, on the beach with the sun setting on their backs to give each to the other in marriage.  

They see their marriage as a loving sincere commitment between two people who love each other and want to share each other’s joys.  They respect and love each other, always wanting to give each other support and encouragement, and we know they will always grow and change together in the years they have together as husband and wife. 

Watermans Bay, Watermans beach, perth beach, perth beach celebrant

Officially married (Photo by Wedding Video Productions)

Their wedding on Watermans beach in Perth, in front of a few friends and their family and friends via the live feed to the UK was to make their lives one. They look forward to building a life together, and to fully appreciate the lifelong commitment that where making on the beach.

Was quite touched when I read this lovely little thank you note from them:

“Fantastic wedding celebrant!

Brad made our wedding day in Perth so special and covered everything we wanted!

Can only say that Brad was superb, made our wedding day so special and an unforgettable moment.

Gets our recommendation as your Perth Celebrant, without a doubt! 

Thank you Brad so much for everything.”

Matt and Laura, Watermans Beach Wedding Ceremony, 1st January 2017

Watermans beach, watermans bay, perth beach celebrant

Laura and Matt on Watermans Bay beach (photo by Wedding Video Productions)

Wedding Celebrant:  Brad Whitelock, Perth Beach Wedding Celebrant. pH;  0431 974 608

Wedding Location:  Watermans Bay Beach, Watermans Bay in Perth.

Reception: Rendezvous Hotel Perth, Scarborough

Watermans bay beach, beach wedding in Perth, perth celebrant

Watermans Bay Beach Wedding (Photo by Wedding Video Productions)

Brad Whitelock is an experienced Perth Wedding Celebrant performing many weddings on Perth beaches for overseas couples. If you are planning to come to Perth and get married, contact Brad for more information on planning your fun and relaxed beach wedding.  Ph:  0431 974 608




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