Registry Style Wedding Ceremony in the Garden of Love in Perth

Malcolm and Sri Debbie came to see me a month ago and just wanted a small and intimate wedding with 2 guests.

I was happy to help out and offered our $200 package for a ceremony in our Garden of Love that included all paperwork, an intimate and personal ceremony with vows and music and quick registration of the paperwork. The ceremony was not rushed and I even multi tasked and performed the ceremony while taking some magical photos for them at the same time….

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Malcolm and Sri Debbie with their witnesses

Well this morning I was really happy to read a quick note of thanks from them both.

“Thanks Brad

You did an amazing job and much appreciated for allowing the wedding to be as basic as possible

Regards Malcolm and Sri Debbie”

Registry Style Wedding Ceremony in Perth, April 2020 

I love meeting and helping each and every couple create a marriage ceremony based on their situation so the process is easy and not stressful.

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Garden of Love Marriage Ceremony

Whether you are looking for something quick, small or bit more elaborate, I have the experience and energy to help you through the process making your day memorable. I think it is really important to help you start married life with a bit of coin in your pocket so my fees are affordable at as low as $200 (I hear Perth BDM is about $400….)

Contact me today for your intimate ceremony in our Garden of love.

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