How to lose lots of weight and look fab for your wedding by Perth Celebrant/DJ/MC

A few years ago myself and my gorgeous wife Hayley decided enough was enough and we wanted to get healthy.

In the past diets had not worked so we started afresh.

Within a few weeks are weight had reduced and 3 years later we are leaner and happier than ever.
We have put a few tips together to help you lose some weight for your big day but hopefully some skills to stay healthy forever.

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At 93Kg’s in December 2016 and now at 60kg’s in March 2020

Cut out sugar and fast foods:

Sugar and fast foods are definitely your enemy…. Almost everything we eat has sugar in it so the first thing you can do is stop eating anything with sugar in it. When you shop always check out what you eat and if has sugar in it… keep away. You will be surprised how most things have sugar in it and that will lead you to my next point.

Eat the rainbow:

We like to say, “it is not what you cannot eat but what you can”. Fill your daily eating patterns with fruit and vegetables. The more colour you have on your plate, the healthy you will be. Fibre rich and calorie low fruit and vegies are the best for losing weight and keeping lean.

Eat less concentrated carbohydrates:

Don’t stop eating carbs but having smaller amounts of pasta, rice and noodles will mean you still feel full but will be having less calories and that is how to lose weight.

Weigh yourself regularly:

The only way to know if your strategy is working is to measure it.  When you weigh yourself is totally up to you. Weight watchers suggest once a week but it is totally up to you when you like to but make sure you try to do it regularly. It really worked for me.


“Intermittent fasting” is all the rage at the moment and can sound really daunting. Working out a way to fast that works with your life and schedule is really important. Fasting keeps your meals within a time period, discourages grazing and also lessens diabetes risk. Having your first meal in the morning at 10.30, followed by lunch at 1ish and dinner at 6ish is a simple and effective way to use fasting in your busy schedule:

Be active every day:

Getting your heart rate up for about 30 minutes most days will help with great health and losing weight. Don’t be too ambitious and find some physical exercise you enjoy such as walking or going to the gym. Try to sit less so if you have a job that has you sitting down alot, make sure you make an effort to do some higher intensity exercise on those days.

Avoid Sugary drinks:

You only get a certain amount of calories to have each day so drinking them just does not make sense to me… They don’t fill you up or give you any nutrients. However if you really like soft drinks or juices go for the diet choices:  they taste like the real thing, fill you up and have no sugar in them:  winning.

Cut down on Alcohol:

I am not a wowser and do like a drink, however drinking alcohol can damage your health and increase stroke, blood pressure, Heart disease and cancer. As well it usually has loads of sugar and calories.

So drinking in moderation worked for us such as having no more than 2 drinks a day and have some alcohol-free days each week. 

Listen to the experts:

When I was overweight I was lucky to say that the WA government in conjunction with WA Heart Foundation and the Cancer Council of WA, was running the grabbable gut campaigns, and believe me I could grab my gut…. The campaign was run by their Live Lighter Foundation and it gave me lots of ideas, strategies and tips. 

Here in Perth we also have experts and (real) influencers such as Julie Meek the dietitian. She has a radio show fortnightly with Gareth Parker on 6pr with common sense advice and if you listen to her she will change the way you think about health and food.

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