Ultimate Wedding Checklist for your Perth Wedding

I have teamed up with an amazing talent out of Margaret River who has supplied me with some ideas on a brief checklist for your wedding.

Pierre is a very talented photographer in the South West specialising in women’s photography who has come up with some ideas on how to plan for your wedding.

Thank you Pierre and enjoy the following ideas:

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The first dance (photo by James Sparrow Photography)

Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding is such an exciting task. You get to live the wedding of your dreams – from the way you want your wedding dress to look like, what you’ve always wanted to say in your wedding vows, right down to the look and feel you want the reception venue to have. These are the details you’ve always pictured and more – and now you’re going to make them happen.


Whether you and your partner want a fun and friendly wedding that’s completely enjoyable and relaxed or you want your wedding to be on the traditional path, you’re going to need to buckle down and get your planning game on. It might appear dreamy and magical but planning a beautiful and memorable wedding is more than just the stuff of fairy tales. It just won’t happen – you need to put in the work but have fun at the same time….


Before you do put in the work, why not take a moment and celebrate your engagement? A luxury boudoir photoshoot, (with Pierre) which can also double up as a lovely gift to your groom-to-be would be perfect. It’s a win-win, you get to celebrate the amazing woman that you are by being your confident, beautiful self and you also get to surprise the love of your life in what’s going to be the most amazing day of your lives.


Are you ready to get your planning game started? You’ve already read so many checklists that tell you what to do, but did anyone tell you really where and how to start? Grab your pens and notes, maybe a glass (or two) of wine and lets look at an ultimate wedding checklist you need to make your dream wedding come to life:

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Sunset in Western Australia (photo by Pierre Requillart)

  1. Budget


Weddings cost money, and sometimes (or most of the time), a lot of it. Set aside a time when you and your fiance sit down and discuss how much you’re both willing to spend for the wedding. It’s an important discussion and it should happen after all the gushing from being engaged but before everything else. Write down what’s important for each of you and start with this. Decide which items in the wedding are important and you really want, and other options that are not so. For example, you both may feel that a good photographer and videographer is going to give memories of the day to last a lifetime.


Setting a budget outright might be difficult so you may want to do some research to determine a ballpark figure. List down all the items that you will need to spend for in your wedding e.g. ceremony, reception, attire, photo and video coverage, catering, program and entertainment, etc. and decide which among those items are important. From here, decide how much money you need to set aside to plan your day.

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The Kiss (Photo by Partografia)

  1. People

This applies to the items in your wedding that involve other people – wedding party, guest list and suppliers. While the most important persons in your wedding are you and your partner, the people aspect of your wedding will give colour, meaning and bring your day to life. Your wedding party are some of the most important people in your life and you want them to be a part of your big day helping you celebrate your love.

Your guest list is your community, the people who are happy to see you begin the next journey of your lives together. You can put this list together by asking yourself who has made the effort to be a part of you life in the last few years.  

Lastly, your wedding suppliers are the people who will facilitate your amazing plan – they’re the people behind the scenes and for they should be the best at what they do. Make sure you do lots of research. Ask for recommendations from family and friends and also look at reviews of potential suppliers.

Wedding photography

Wedding Ceremony (photo by James Sparrow photography)

  1. Preference


Your wedding day is about you and your fiance – your relationship, your journey, your love for each other and the amazing journey you’re about to have in your married life. Your wedding should be a reflection of those things and it should celebrate you both. All the other items in your checklist should be something that you personally prefer and speak to you on a personal level.

Start with the theme that you both like – are you both fond of travelling? Of watching movies? Of cooking or baking? Once you decide on this, everything else will be easy and will definitely something that you and your guests will truly enjoy.

Making your dream wedding come to life may be difficult but with the right mindset and support, it’s possible. You don’t need a magic wand to make it happen – all you need is your amazing self, the right tools, a little bit of fairy dust and you’re good to go!

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Pierre Requillart Photography

A collaborative blog written by Woman By Pierre and Brad from Awezome.

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