Perth has some wonderful parks and gardens where you can have your wedding ceremony.

Harold Boas Gardens, West Perth

The Harold Boas Gardens is a spectacular garden right in the middle of city in West Perth. It is situated near Harbourtown shopping centre but is an oasis in the city of Perth that is perfect for your wedding ceremony. There are a number of areas in the Park that can be booked for your ceremony but my favourite is next to the lake: you arrive via the bridge with the large trees as your backdrop. You can find out more about Harold Boas Gardens, West Perth by contacting City of Perth on 08 9461 3140.

Some recent weddings Performed at Harold Boas Gardens:

Sharon and Peter

Tanya and Jarrod

Brooke and Sean

Harold Boas Gardens, wedding Ceremony

Harold Boas Gardens

Heathcote Reserve, Applecross

Overlooking the Swan river this magnificent venue is ideal for wedding ceremony’s in Perth. This spot will give you an uninterrupted view of the city and this part of the river is definitely quite stunning to look at. The venue can be booked through the City of Melville City of Melville or call them on 1300 300 252.

Some recent weddings Performed at Heathcote Reserve:

Kimberlee and Carl

Heathcote Reserve, wedding Ceremony

Heathcote Reserve

Wanneroo Botanical Gardens, Wanneroo

Wanneroo Botanical Gardens is one of my favourite venues. The Gardens are spectacular with lots of choices to have your ceremony and also for photo’s later. The gardens are so established that all the areas for weddings give the feeling you are in “garden room”. There is also lots of parking, a great cafe for refreshments and Karen the wedding organiser there is a lovely and caring person who really cares about your day.

You can contact them at Wanneroo Botanical Gardens or call Karen on 9404 1475.

Some recent weddings Performed at Wanneroo Botanical Gardens:

Jessica and James

Susan and Brendon

Laura and Mark

Wanneroo Botanical Gardens, wedding ceremony

Wanneroo Botanical Gardens

Swan Shell, Burswood Park

The Swan Shell is nestled in Burswood Park in Burswood right next door to the Casino. It is a lovely green park with lakes, waterfalls and great areas for photo’s after your wedding. You can find out more about Burswood park at Burswood Park or you can call them on 9361 4475.

Some recent weddings Performed at Burswood Park:

Sarah and Daniel

Val and Matthew

Morena and Sean

Swan Shell, Burswood Park, wedding ceremony

Swan Shell, Burswood Park

Queens Gardens, East Perth

The Queens Gardens is a very large garden situated next to the WACA in East Perth. It has lots of different options for your wedding ceremony with Rose Gardens, lakes and a Pergola just in case you think it might rain on your big day. You can find out more information about the Queens Gardens, East Perth by contacting City of Perth or ring them on 9461 3140.

Some recent weddings Performed at Queens Gardens:

Stacey and Alex

Cheryl and Ron

AnneMarie and Daryl

Queens Gardens, wedding ceremony

Queens Gardens

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

There are many venues within Kings Park (Map here) where you can have your wedding ceremony. These include the Rotunda 1 and 2, the Old Tea Pavillion, Acacia steps and the Watergardens Pavilion.

You can find out more by contacting Kings Park and Botanic Garden Authority or call them on 9480 3600.

Here is some information on some of the venues within Kings park:

Rotunda 1

Watergardens Pavilion

Old Tea Pavilion

Kings Park, Wedding Ceremony

Kings Park Wedding

Sir James McCusker Park, Iluka

This is a lovely park with an amphitheatre that is perfect for your wedding ceremony. After the ceremony the park is a beautiful place for photos that looks fantastic at sunset. You can book the venue through Joondalup Council.

Some recent weddings Performed at Sir James McCusker Park:

Dolly and Steve

Amanda and Steve

Sir James Mc Cusker park, Iluka Wedding Ceremony

Sir James Mc Cusker park, Iluka

Yanchep National Park

This is one of my favourite parks in Perth to visit as I bring my young family here regularly. A wedding I performed here recently had the accompanying sound of my favourite bird, the black cockatoo. You can have your wedding on the lake and then enjoy the catering in the Yanchep Inn or in the Cabaret Cave with catering supplied by the Yanchep Inn. You can get more information about having your wedding at Yanchep National park by contacting the Yanchep Inn or ring them on 9561 1001.

Some recent weddings Performed at Yanchep National Park:

Tracey and Caleb

Tess and Paul

Yanchep National Park, wedding ceremony

Yanchep National Park

Scented Gardens, South Perth

The Scented Gardens are a lovely part of Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth. It is right on the water overlooking the Perth skyline. There is lots of parking nearby and the Scented gardens looks fantastic for your photos at any time of the year. For more information please contact City of South Perth or call them on 08 9474 0777.

Some recent weddings Performed at the Scented Gardens:

Yoana and Sacha

Margareth and Harry

Lina and Mark

Scented Gardens, South Perth, wedding ceremony

Scented Gardens, South Perth

Hyde Park, Highgate

Hyde Park is a wonderful venue for a wedding. There are many parts of the park you can use for your wedding such as the grassed areas with Gazebo’s. The Lake also makes a lovely backdrop.

You can get more information about Hyde Park from the Town of Vincent

Some recent weddings Performed at Hyde Park:

Mimi and Paul

Alex and Vic

Hyde Park, Highgate, wedding ceremony

Hyde Park, Highgate

Cottesloe Civic Centre, Cottesloe

I have been very lucky as a busy Young Celebrant in Perth performing Weddings that I have had the pleasure of going to the Cottesloe Civic Centre a number of times. It is a majestic place with lovely lawns and magnificent view over the ocean.

You can find out more by contacting the Cottesloe council.

Some recent weddings Performed at Cottesloe Civic Gardens:

Maureen and Jake

Jess and Michael

Monica and Daniel

Cottesloe Civic Gardens, wedding ceremony

Cottesloe Civic Gardens

Point Walter Reserve, Bicton

A wedding ceremony at Point Walter Reserve can take many beautiful forms. You can have your wedding under one of the large Pine trees on the grass or be a bit more adventurous and have your wedding on part of the sand bar that goes out into the Swan river.

Your can find out more by contacting City of Melville Council on 9364 0666.

Some recent weddings Performed at Point Walter Reserve:

Jess and Jim

Point Walter Reserve, wedding ceremony

Point Walter Reserve

Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley

One of the best venues in Perth for your wedding ceremony is on the Swan River at Matilda Bay Reserve having a great view over the Perth City Skyline. You can find out more and even book the site through the Department of Environment and conservation. The venue also lends itself to having some catering after at the reserve or you could book your reception at the sailing club or even the up market Matilda Bay Restaurant.

Some Recent weddings performed at Matilda Bay Reserve:

Erica and J.L

Michelle and Enrico

Matilda Bay Reserve, wedding ceremony

Matilda Bay Reserve

Freshwater Lake, Ascot Waters

Freshwater Lake is ideal for a Wedding Ceremony as there is shaded areas overlooking the lake with waterfalls and gardens. For more information contact City of Belmont on (08) 9477 7222.

Some recent Weddings performed at Freshwater Lake:

Chelsea and Ben

Freshwater Lake, Ascot Wedding Ceremony

Freshwater Lake, Ascot

Cottesloe Arch Monument

Cottesloe Arch monument is a great venue for weddings in Cottesloe overlooking the beach. The Arch Monument is a great structure with Mosaic Tiled floors, seating in stone around the sides with a great view of the sea and Rottnest Island. For more information you can contact Janna Lockyer at the Town of Cottesloe Council on 9285 5000.

Some recent weddings performed at the Cottesloe Arch Monument:

Bec and Stan

Ange and Chris

Angelica and Marco

Cottesloe Arch Monument, wedding ceremony

Cottesloe Arch Monument

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