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The Registry Book

The Registry Book

I will help you with all the paperwork and together we can put together a ceremony that best reflects you.

Your wedding ceremony can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.  I will help you with these aspects.

On the Wedding day I will have a table and chair for the signing and if you want to have a song to walk down the aisle to I can still arrange that to be played through my fantastic PA system.  I will then forward all paperwork onto the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Perth for your marriage to be Registered.

Anyone can marry in Australia as long as they are over 18, and have lodged the wedding at least one month before the wedding date.   This is done by filling out the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)form and getting it signed in front of an authorised person (Marriage Celebrant) and getting the NOIM to the Wedding Celebrant (via email, Fax and then in the mail) at least one month before the wedding day.

Arlene and John at Kings Park.

Arlene and John at Kings Park.

You will need to prove to the celebrant who you are, where you where born and your birth date by using your Original Birth Certificates (in English) and/or an overseas or Australian passport.  If you have been married before, the Celebrant will need to see an Original divorce/death certificate (in English). Proof if identification will also be needed such as Passport, Drivers licence or a proof of age card.

Before the wedding I will see you and get you to sign a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration (I will write for you so don’t worry).  Then on the wedding day you say your vows, I say my authority and the ceremony is witnessed by 2 people.  I also have some great choices for your ceremony so you can have a ceremony that will reflect you both.

Also if you would like a Fiance letter for immigration purposes I can write that for you too.


Liz and Ryan at Araluen.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Marriage Celebrant. Ph: 0431 974 608

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